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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spring 2013

Well, it was a tough spring.... Ben was hurt twice, his back and his thumb.  We had fun going out to feed the calves many times, once with Joe Aburusa, Kara, Alec and Andy.  Alice and Clyde got to see a calf delivered in the barn -natural magic.  We had to do some major plumbing overhauls on the Warm Springs house (you can imagine what it's like to have to replace a 20 foot tall one hundred year old lead sewer pipe...).   We made "brown e's" for April Fools at school - the kids continued at Montessori Academy.  Celeb stayed with us for the winter and slimmed down.  We took the Smiths hiking at Rocky Canyon.  We branded a lot of calves.  And we took a load of horseshit by Shelley's office so she could take it to her legislative hearings - just kidding.  And we made a lot of art - mostly monsters but also some great animals.

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