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Thursday, January 2, 2014

November 2013

We started off November shipping calves.  It went pretty well.  They were big and healthy.  We had some rainy shipping days but it was all right.

The ranch is so beautiful in every season.  I probably have 100s of pictures of this view and no two alike.

Janelle's family came to visit after moving into their new cabin in McCall.  She went with the boys and the men to move cows.  We had a scare when Boots ran off with Clyde.  I was completely a wreck, but Clyde did a great job.  He was like a little jockey.  Boots isn't accustomed to cows or open fields and we don't know what got into him, but when he balked at a ditch it sent Clyde flying.  Luckily he had a  soft enough landing.  But as a mother it just kills a little part of you to see your kid in danger.

It snowed and we played!  Daddy gave Alice an intertube for her birthday and it was great on the snow.

What did I tell you? Here's the same mountain from a slightly different angle in different light.  We live in a wonderful place (well at least half of the year).

Mumsy gave us a bunch of bulbs so Daddy fixed two feed bunks made out of an old water heater so we could plant in them.  Alice helped me transfer the dirt and plant the bulbs.  We also salvaged a huge old trough (about 4 feet by 20 feet) and filled it with soil for a new raised strawberry bed.

Here's Clyde's new tractor (Daddy's new project).  I looked it up it's about a 1950-52 John Deere basic tractor.  We heard it last ran about 7 years ago or so.  Clyde rode on it while Ben towed it out of the brush.  He said Clyde was so proud trying to steer it - it doesn't exactly have power steering so it was pretty tough for a six year old.

We went on a walk with the Wises and found some Winter wonder.

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