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Friday, January 18, 2013

"The Best Idea" - Our 2012 Christmas

"Mommy, Mommy!  I have the best idea!" Clyde exclaimed while we were putting up Christmas decorations.  "Since I don't use my tricycle anymore, we can cover it in lights and have it for a decoration."

I got quite a few compliments on Clyde's decoration.  We took down the rest of Christmas right after the holiday because we were heading out of town, but Clyde asked if we could keep this up a bit longer so it's still outside our door. 
This year we got trees from the Stringer Place (ranch by Norwood).  We got a big tree for the living room and each kid picked their own tree for their room.  We celebrated Christmas Eve with Aunt Catherine at Grandpa Harry's with the Whiteners.  Then Catherine stayed overnight and we opened presents and stockings at home.  Both Clyde and Alice had asked for legos from Santa, which they got along with harmonicas, movies, and a few stocking stuffers.  From Mommy and Daddy, Alice got a bicycle and some books.  Clyde got a fishing pole and stocked tackle box.  Ben got a butchering book and some knives along with homemade gifts from the children.  Laura got a tent frame being constructed out of lumber milled next door to Norwood and harvested from Ponderosa State Park stumps.  I'm so excited to have the tent up next summer!  More room for guests!

Christmas evening we went to Mumsy's - Alice looked so tall and grown up in her seat on the way.  There, we opened stockings, had dinner and opened presents.  Aunt Catherine, Uncle JG & Aunt Rollins, and the Wises joined us, along with Mumsy and Gayle.  It was Mumsy's last Christmas in the big house, so kind of farewell party too.  The kids got even more legos.  Clyde had also gotten some gold mine legos from Aunt Shelley, a few days before Christmas.  They are both really into legos now, it's amazing to see them, especially Clyde, concentrating on following the directions and getting so excited about building something. 
The day after Christmas, we had the Rydalches over.  Everyone local except Kara made it.  It was amazing how quiet it was with all those kids - moving the plaything all upstairs to a dedicated playroom made a huge difference.  We also celebrated Hailey's birthday, the big 11th. 
After the holiday, we were busy packing so it was a whirlwind season this year.

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