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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Real Vacation - 2nd installation

Day 4 - San Diego Zoo

Our first day in San Diego, Tyson's friend Kyle, from Moscow, ID, took us around the San Diego Zoo where he is an education guide.  We got to meet a parrot and an armadillo up close.  

Then he took us to the nursery where we saw baby snow leopards.  

Next we got to meet the giraffes.  Up close you get a true idea of just how big they are.  Their heads don't look that big perched up at the top of their necks, but when they lean down for a bite, they are giant!

It was great getting to be behind the scenes.  I didn't get a photo, but they had a spot where they put all the animals' poop from these areas, so we got to compare giraffe and rhino poop.  They really watch what goes in and what comes out.

After Kyle left us, we made a whirlwind trek around pretty much the entire zoo.  There were some wonderful exhibits.

The panda exhibit was so crowded with folks it was hard to get a photo and I let Clyde get up high to see over everyone.  I carried a kid on my shoulders a lot of this day and I sure felt my age!

It was fun to see the cousins bonding, telling secrets and hanging out.

Ben alerted me to the "chaka chaka".  And lastly, a cute little seal popped up in the polar bear play area:

The first evening, we got a little time in on the beach too.  La Jolla is a fabulous beach and I loved the vintage feel of the Club.  Not all new and sparkly, but very nice. 

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