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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reptile Man....

There's a "reptile man" that does birthday parties and we were lucky enough to be invited to one.  The kids really enjoyed seeing everything, but weren't so keen on touching stuff.  Clyde was a little more adventurous than Alice and helped hold "Sunshine" a 100 pound albino Burmese Python:

Last year Clyde said he wanted a book about snakes and rather than get a little kid's book, I got him this:
At night, I let him pick a couple snakes to read about.  We've read about nearly all of the hundreds of snakes in the book.  He has his favorites like the Boomslang, the Black Mamba and the Anaconda.  He is pretty interested in rattlesnakes too and we have a separate book about those.  So it was pretty exciting for him to get to see three snakes up close at the party. 

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