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Monday, October 15, 2012

Dishwasher Saga

This is one day of dishes.... we're going on about a month without a dishwasher and today were notified it would not be repaired under warranty, but replaced instead.  That requires me to take a trip to Boise to pick out a new one.  Arrrggg.  I've learned a few things this month.  I hate doing dishes.  We cook far too much.  I need to get the kids accustomed to cereal and sandwiches... We're probably not going to change things too drastically.  What I actually learned was to never ever buy anything from RC Willey ever again.  I read about them in Warren Buffet's biography as he is a big investor in the furniture chain... maybe the real lesson is that the best place to be an investor may not be the best place to be a customer.

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