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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Fairy Party - Alice is 4!!!

It's hard to believe Alice is 4, but at the same time, she is starting to read, speaks very eloquently, and acts much older than a 4 year old in so many ways.  Our friend Marnie Smith turned 4 on August 11 and Alice turned 4 on August 13, so we planned a joint "Fairy Party" as Alice had requested.   There were 17 kids: Marnie Smith, Rylee Smith, McKenzie Smith, Bryn and Brooklyn Smith; the "Three Wise Men" (Elliott, Harrison and Martin); McKenzie, Cassidy, Colt and baby Case Crockett; Clyde and Alice; and the Herrerra girls (Dileiny, Marianna and Anji). 
We have a fairy castle on the Stringer Place and Alice had wanted to invite the real fairies to her birthday.  So they went looking for the Flower Fairies in the forest by the house.  Ben helped them look for evidence of fairies.  They didn't find much, but they did find a letter from the fairies....
"Dear Alice and Marnie,
We hope you have a wonderful party!  Thank you so much for the kind invitation.  We have so much work to do spreading flower seeds that we can't be there.  We will be watching as we work in the forest.
Your friends, The Flower Fairies
p.s.  Here is some fairy dust to dip your wands in."
Each child found a stick to make a wand with and we proceeded to decorate them.  We used ribbons and coffee filters (to make into flowers or poofs).  They turned out pretty well. 
After each child finished her wand, she brought it to dip in the fairy dust and earned her wings, which were in a personalized tote bag with bubbles, stickers, rings and other presents.
That was followed by lunch - tiny fairy sandwiches, tiny fairy kebabs with cherry tomatoes and pickle slices, tiny fairy veggie cubes.... you get the picture!  Everything was tiny.  Then we had the cake.  Alice had requested "a tomato cake with strawberry frosting".... well, I didn't think that would go over really well with the other children.  So, I made yellow cupcakes with buttercream frosting.  Then, I did a little research and made a tomato soup chocolate cake.  I then filled it with mixed berry jam and topped it with pink buttercream.  So I actually managed to make a cake with tomatoes and strawberries... and it wasn't bad!!  I found some fairy toothpick toppers that were very sweet. 
We wound things up with a pinata - here our friend Cassidy takes a good whack at it.  It was super fortified!!  It took forever to crack it.
Here's the whole gang, including Mumsy in her birthday cake hat. 
We're so excited to have our special girls and be able to watch them grow up....

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