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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Mumsy!

Mumsy had a milestone birthday that was celebrated by friends and family at Raspberry Ranch.  Gayle put together a barbecue and salad menu with Kirk's help and the ranch always makes a beautiful backdrop.  I made the cake and the kids looked their best.  Clyde took the guestbook signing pretty seriously, signing for himself and his dad.

A couple from Council that Gayle met in Yuma last winter performed music, mostly country songs and there was a little dancing and then the Garro sisters sang accompanied by the birthday girl and Camille.  Camille came all the way from Connecticut and the Fords came from California, so the party was totally bicoastal - pretty impressive!  It was really fun too.

My take on "elegant cowgirl"... yellow cake with mixed berry filling and buttercream frosting with a bandanna inspired decoration.  I made this tall one and a larger one layer cake.  I'd never baked and decorated a cake for so many people before, but it was enough so I was relieved. 

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