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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zig Zag

On Monday, Harry drove up with a surprise.... Spot, no wait Bandit, no wait Zig Zag...

Getting a new puppy was a big surprise and took a little scambling.  We didn't know what to name him and Harry suggested Spot which seemed fitting and old fashioned.  But, Ben had a hard time saying it.  He kept calling him Tap (Harry's last dog).  I didn't like it much after a few days and wanted to call him Bandit for his mask.  And a two syllable name seemed better to go with Jigsaw.  But then we decided there are too many Bandits out there and no one loved it.  So we brainstormed and Ben said Zig Zag which we thought was kind of different and went well with Jigsaw.  And he could be Ziggy if we wanted.  We'll see if it sticks.

He's a great puppy, really friendly and sweet.  He was jumping on the kids a lot the first couple of days and nipping with his sharp little teeth.  He's improved a lot and Clyde can handle him well.  Alice is scared to death of him.  I hope she overcomes it. 

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