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Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Dressed All by Herself

 The other day my dad happened by around dinner time and joined us.  Alice went to the bathroom when she was done eating and then she went upstairs where she disappeared for quite a while.  She came down in a new outfit (her very favorite and worn out dress Mumsy got in Portland two years ago).  She also had done her hair.  "Mommy I brushed my hair.  First I sprayed it.  Then I put barettes.  Then I did a ponytail. "  I especially love how her "ponytail" is literally only about three or four hairs.  For the longest time she didn't like me putting things in her hair.  I guess she just wanted to figure it out on her own.

After I took the first photo, she looked right at the camera and said, "Now send this one to Aunt Catherine." It's strange and wonderful how facebook, blogs, smartphones, etc. have made the instant transfer and publication of their photos such a natural part of Alice and Clyde's lives.  It's so different than having to wait possible weeks or months until the roll was finished and photos got developed.  Obviously I love it because I keep this up and post plenty on facebook too.

A few days before she came outside wearing a party hat she got at cousin Cassidy's birthday.  But, hey, I guess it's appropriate because it's always a party at our house...

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