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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall is Here...

The days are definitely getting shorter, and we wake up most mornings with frost and a pretty impeded view.  Alice and Clyde enjoyed a nice day by playing out in the field outside the house together.  They are sitting in Alice's "nest", a depression in the ground that is very nestlike and fits both of them and sometimes some toys perfectly.  Alice told me she's hatching some eggs. 

In the foreground, you can see the strawberries we had hanging this year and finally put in the ground.  We also planted a lot of garlic, 4 different varieties (Romanian Red, German Red, Thermadone French Intrigue and Siberian Mild Mannered Beauty).  We're hoping to have lots of yummy garlic to give to all our friends next year.  We spend more time indoors now.  I've been sewing a lot of Christmas goodies.  We started going to the Donnelly Library every week for story time.  We're usually the only ones there, but it's fun to have someone else read to them.  We also started reading the Winnie the Pooh books.  Mumsy read them to me and JG when we were little so I thought that it would be fun to continue the tradition.  So far we all like them.

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