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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alice is 3!!!

One of Alice's friends came and said, "So this is an Indian Cowboy Princess party?" I think it kind of looked like a renaissance fair myself. There was a princess and pony cake, a unicorn pinata, two tipi tents strung with bunting, pony rides, a roping station, and all set up around our fire pit. Mumsy made Alice's outfit, pink and purple with turtles and stars. So there was a little of everything. We even herded turkeys and fed the calves. But the big hit of the day was the usual, making mud soup in the front yard. My cousin Heather helped make the bunting and the party favors, "crayon rolls" made from bandannas. Shelley came up from Boise and helped with getting everything set up. Aunt Kara came with Jack, Sam, Elena and Rachel the night before but they had to leave early. So Alice got to open presents at breakfast and lunch and the party. She loved it. We had about 35 people at the party and it was a lot of fun, but we were all pretty tired today!

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