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Monday, July 18, 2011

My Favorite Mountain and My Favorite Flower

Council Mountain peaks out between No Business Lookout and West Mountain. It's always the last one to have snow on it's peak and I've always really loved the view we get driving up to the ranch. We can't see it from the house, so it's a treat seeing it on the approach.

Sego lilies have been my favorite flower since I was about 12. My stepmom Sheila once had a party and took me and my two sisters across the river in her old light blue Toyota LandCruiser. We bumped along the fields until we found one covered in sego lilies and we proceeded to fill some ice cream buckets full of them to use for flower arrangements for the party. When I was about 13 and left at the ranch alone with my two sisters for a couple of days (and put in charge of all the water, two sisters, etc., etc.), I guess I probably remembered how fun that was, so I took my sisters to pick flowers in the ranch pickup. I got in big trouble when Dad got back because I'd driven to pick flowers. It was OK that I was driving without a license for all other purposes, but not flower picking. Memories aside, I love the simplicity of their design and the bold plum colored spots on each petal. I like a lot of flowers, but these are still my favorite.

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