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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day & School Update

For Mother's Day, the kids' school had a special lunch and performance. It was very cute. The week before that were parent teacher conferences. Both Alice and Clyde's teachers said they are productive, respectful, independent and joys to have to have in class. It was funny how alike they described them. They have enjoyed school so far and adapted very well to it. Pretty soon we'll go up north and they'll be out of school until November when we come back.

Alice is on the far right in a pink and brown striped top and Clyde's at the far left in a blue, green and white striped polo shirt. They were singing "You are My Sunshine". Alice made a bookmark with her teacher that said, "I love my mommy because... she makes noodles, good noodles." Alice's favorite book is Seven Chinese Sisters and Sixth Sister makes the most delicious noodle soup in the world. I also make delicious noodles as my mom taught me and as she learned from her mom, and she her mom, and so on. Noodles are a great family tradition. Clyde painted a little terra cotta pot for me and made a paper flower that said "I love mommy because she gives me kisses and hugs."

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