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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tough Kid

Last night I went to a party. When I got home Ben told me Clyde ran into the wall and had a welt on his forehead. This morning, I took him to the dentist. He got one tooth pulled and a filling in another. After that he said he wanted to go to school, so I took him but I stayed there reading a book just in case. No one ever came to get me so I figured he was OK. When I went to get him from recess, the left side of his lip was all swollen like a grape tomato. I called the dentist and they said to get him some ibuprophen. We did that and some popsicles, but it's still pretty swollen. All through everything, in the dentist's chair, at school and at home, he hasn't complained one bit. The dentist said he's one of the best patients they've ever had.

What a tough kid!

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