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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun "Snow Day"

It wasn't really a "snow day" because Ben did work, but he got home early and fun was had by all. Clyde loved helping build the snow igloo and snowman, but Alice only wanted to be in the snow for a few minutes (much like her mother who ventured to the doorway barefoot to take these photos, wishing she could just take them through the window).

That lumpy thing in the first photo on the steps in front of Clyde's tractor is a snow chicken Ben made and that Clyde later "butchered". That brings me to a funny thing Clyde told me the other day as he handed me a small plush pig... "Mommy, this isn't really a pig anymore. It's pork. Eat that pork up. Yummy pork!" I think our turkey raising, working on a cattle ranch and being around a lot of hunters has definitely made our kids overly aware of the food chain. I'm happy they don't get sentimental about food animals, but maybe he could love his stuffed animals a little more.

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