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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas is Coming....

Sad, sad times.... can't find the kids' stockings! That little yellow one is mine. I made it for my mom when I was about 16 or so and couldn't get it the right shape so I kept cutting it smaller and smaller. It's like a small mitten. The green one says "Dad" in embroidery and I made it for my dad when I was young and then figured after Clyde was born it would work for Ben. Alice and Clyde have great regular sized stockings that I made and hopefully I will find them before Christmas. Otherwise, it really is "Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...." We bought a tree this year (from Wissel Farms in Nampa - it's beautiful and wasn't too spendy). Mumsy came over and got us started with the ornaments.
I placed this Santa on the way up the stairs and each night as Ben takes the kids up to bed, they tell Santa what they want. Clyde wants "two little swords, a bow and arrow and a train" and Alice wants "toys" sometimes "aminal toys."

Shelley got this one for Alice at Art in the Park.

Mumsy made this angel topper about 30 years ago. Still looks great!

Pajaro ornament handmade from junk that I picked up in Oaxaca at a craft market.

Homemade ornament with me at 1 y.o. that my mom made so many years ago. Looks kind of like Alice.

Alice loved Festival of Trees. And she especially loved trees like this one, pink, purple, big baubles, butterflies... she's a girl! The kids are really excited for Christmas and that has made it more fun for us (well at least for me).

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  1. Well, at least Alice will be easy to please! Your house looks so cute and Christmas-y! I haven't even started decorating yet. I am way behind.