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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Year in Review... Finalists for the Christmas Card

I was trying to put together our Christmas card so I went through all my photos and separated these out as a sampling of our year. In the end, I picked a card with a lot of photos, but not this many... it was hard to choose. I can't believe how much older the kids looked in the later photos. Alice's hair grew quite a bit and they both got taller. It's been a very busy but good year. I always like to have people and places and things represented on the card. Being right on the ranch has really put us in the middle of physical beauty and I notice it everyday in our beautiful views. It's a lot of work too!
Pictures starting at the top: Clyde on his birthday at the Aikman, at Norwood in the fall, at the Spring Valley branding in April, at Norwood this fall, at Donnelly in the summer, at Pablo Place for cousin Coltin's birthday, and with Daddy at Spring Valley branding; Ben moving cattle at the Cruickshank place; aspens changing color on No Business lookout in October; Alice at Raspberry Ranch in June, at Norwood in October, with a halter at Norwood in September, at Donnelly in August in Ben's green truck, at Mumsy's playhouse, eating ice cream in Donnelly in July, with Clyde at the Aikman in May, in Chinese hat at Mumsy's in the summer, on the swing in Donnelly, with Clyde at Mumsy's corral (was great great granddad Little's Belvidere place a long time ago); and jughandle mountain in November.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love all the photos. Your kids can't get any cuter!