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Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter Migration

Seeing that I'd literally be digging my car out of the snow, I decided that maybe it was time to head south (I also heard it would be 19 below 0, and that sounded awful).... But we had some fun before we did:

This one of Ben and Jack counting the weaned heifers (after feeding them) was a few weeks ago after our first lighter snow.

Bye-bye Norwood!

The end of a season... We were only at the ranch house for 2 months this year after 4 in our Donnelly house so it felt a little strange moving so soon. It's also very strange moving "back" into a house we never lived in before, save a night or two, even though we bought it in April. I've been busily hanging pictures and rearranging furniture. Clyde's room has no heat so that's something we need to attend to right away, always something! I've also got a wish list for things like new countertops and converting the crawl space to a root cellar/storage area, but we're going to take it easy here for a while.

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