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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Making Bread

Just about weekly (but this summer maybe every two weeks because we've been so busy), Ben makes bread. A year or so before Grandma Rydalch died she gave us her wheat grinder and that's when it started to get serious. Jeremy had given Ben a bread lesson one time when he visited and Ben had been making some. When we started coming North for the summer we got a second grinder because he was making bread every week and we didn't want to haul the heavy grinder back and forth. We get our wheat from various sources: Weiser Seed & Feed, Costco, Ben's parents, and this year Harry grew some so we'll see how that turns out. Usually he makes enough wheat bread for about 10 loaves, but often part of it is rolls, cinammon rolls, scones, cabbage rolls, etc. We share with the neighbors and it sure makes us popular. This summer he made some white bread and it was really good too.

The kids love helping and it's messy but awfully fun.

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