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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Smiths -- Take II

After Ben's sister Kristen's family came, their in-laws (our friends) came, so we had two full weekends of Smiths. Riley, Mckenzie, Marnie and Lanie are all darling. Rachel was still here so it was a full house. Rachel and Mckenzie enjoyed staying up late and playing and watching movies together. Alice and Marnie, who are only two days apart, played together really well in the yard. Clyde and Riley are good friends. And Lanie was such a good baby through it all. We picked huckleberries, made bread, had a cookout, and went on pony rides. It'll be fun to have them back again soon. It's always nice for Clyde and Alice to have friends in town. We don't know very many kids here.

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