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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A wedding and two birthdays

Alice and Clyde have a special cousin, Maegen, who was married on Memorial Day Weekend. As you can see, she looked fabulous and everyone had a great time. Clyde was very excited when we told him there would be candy. Alice wasn't sold on her dress at first, but then she did fine and looked darling.

Congratulations Maegen and Nathan!!

For my birthday, Clyde made me some Lego guns and "McCanadas". A McCanada is a gun that can shoot both bullets and arrows and in different directions. Clyde said he learned about it from Mumsy, but we can't figure out exactly where he got it. Maybe she told him about cannons???

Then he brought me this... he said "I made you a video for your birthday" and it does kind of look like a video screen, doesn't it?

This is a Lego gun that Clyde's cousin made him for his birthday. He's quite a bit older than Clyde so you can see it's way more complicated.

Shelley gave me a tractor cake pan for my birthday... turned out pretty cute!

It was Mumsy's birthday this past week. She spent a morning learning about worms with Elliott and Clyde and then we had a picnic lunch at "Aunt Kay's" house. The kids and I stayed with Mumsy so we wouldn't have to stay in our house that's for sale. Clyde woke her up on her birthday singing her Happy Birthday. It was pretty stinkin' cute!

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  1. I love gifts from kids! Where do they come up with that stuff? :)