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Saturday, May 1, 2010

He's a Big Boy Now!

For the last year we've tried introducing Clyde to the toilet, but he was never into it and I didn't want to push him. Then, about a month ago, he just decided it was OK and in no time he was potty trained. He's even wearing regular underwear to bed and has only had one big accident. I had this chart I put up months ago and we'd put a sticker each time he used the toilet. Once he was doing it all the time, we'd forget to do it, but this week I made the effort to put at least a sticker a day and we had a party to celebrate that he's a big boy and filled up the whole chart. He told me he didn't fill up the chart, mommy and daddy did because we put the stickers there. So we all celebrated.

Clyde wanted the toilet piece and he was laughing about eating the toilet.

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