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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Active Alice

Alice is a super active child and not really afraid of anything, so lately I try to find her a fun but confined space. She loved playing in the cab of this old truck while we watched the branding. She probably stayed in there for an hour, but once she found the horn we had to move!
So we went into the back of my car and got her toys. Here she is with her favorite dolly from my friend Jill and a blankie that she can't live without (tucked under her elbow).

Clyde has a tub of beans/wheat/macaroni that he plays with very neatly and nicely. Alice likes it too, but sees it's full potential:

She's really starting to talk. Every morning she wakes up and asks me "What Tide doing?" She has a little trouble saying Clyde. She's polite and says thank you all the time. She answers every question with and emphatic "no" whether she means it or not.

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