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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good News

A month or so ago, we went to the speech therapist with Clyde. He's a wonderful man that works out of St. Luke's and we've only seen him a couple times to monitor Clyde's speech as it emerges. Initially at about 18 months old Clyde's speech was a little delayed. Now at nearly three years with really no interventions, Clyde is speaking so well that the therapist said we don't need regular speech therapy. We are so thankful for this. It means we won't have to make regular trips to St. Luke's. It means we don't need to do any corrective surgeries to his palate at this time. Our surgeon did such a good job that we will be saving substantial time, money and effort at this stage.

Clyde is a very thoughtful and funny little boy and we're so proud of him. It looks like we won't have to do anything but annual check ups for his cleft lip and palate until he gets his permanent teeth and they'll do the last surgery. Such wonderful news!

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