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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sister is growing up and so am I...

I got a haircut for Mommy's birthday. So did Daddy. Now we have no hair.

Before I had a lot of hair....

Baby crawls all over now and she likes to get into things.

She started standing up slowly.

Now she likes to walk around the furniture.
She's always following me and trying to get into my things. Sometimes, I just wish she'd leave me alone.

But I like her and she sure is pretty - don't you think?

We went to the Shore Lodge for Mumsy's birthday. It was a fancy restaurant and I could see the pretty lake outside. I got ice cream!

Sometimes I fall down, but the other day the window fell down on me. See that hole? It fits my head exactly. Mommy was so scared, but I'm OK.

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  1. Your kids are so cute. Clyde looks so different with his big boy hair cut. The boys and I will have to come spend a few days with you guys. Let us know when a good time would be. Sorry we missed you when you were here in town. Hope you are enjoying the mountains.