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Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Boy - Two Years Old

Happy Birthday to me! Two years old! Mumsy gave me my own bike, "Look out!" I pedaled it right away even though my feet just barely reach.

My neighbors, Alice and Nick, gave me a cool balloon that is hooked to my chair now. I love how it shines.

Mommy and I have been working in the garden and on my birthday it was really warm so I spent a lot of time outside.

My friend Livia (Olivia) got me a drill and a chainsaw. I love them! They make good noises.

Mommy made a cake with my favorite thing on it - a hammer! It had two candles and I blew them both out.

Then my cousins thought the cake would look good if it had all my new animals on it, so it had lots of sea creatures and African animals like I see at the zoo.

It was fun to have so many cousins and friends there. And the cake was good too!
It was so hot that my cousins started a water fight with my dad...

Guess who won???

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  1. So fun!! Birthdays are the best. Also, is Clyde's birthday the 18th? Or earlier? Because my b-day is the 18th, and that would be cool to share!