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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All Better and Then Some...

We were able to spend some time outside now that Clyde is feeling better and it's warm enough outside (though the wind and rain haven't helped much). Here's Clyde in his flower-picking ensemble. Very fashionable, he thinks....

He was having a hard time walking in the big gum boots and I think that's why he stood still on the bench for about 30 pictures taken by his dad. He loves flowers.

Alice got sick too and isn't this just the saddest sick face??

Now she's feeling better too.


  1. So super cute. I love putting my kids in ill fitting clothes and watching them walk around. A good time.

    Poor Alice. Sick kids are the worst.

  2. Clyde is looking so grown up!! And so is Alice! It's hard to believe she is not a tiny baby anymore!

  3. Jack loved Clyde's boots and hat. So cute.