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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Too busy...

Geez, there has been so much I wanted to tell everybody, but mom says she's busy so she can't help me punch the keys on her little machine that folds up. She can't be as busy as me. All she has to do is play with me and my sister.

There is so much I have to do every day. First I have to go into the kitchen and empty all the drawers. Then there is a cabinet with lots of plastic bowls that have tops and I have to empty that too, just in case something in there changed. I save my favorite cabinet for last because it has these silver things with handles that make lots of noise when you bang them. Then I go and see if mom left anything dangerous on the floor or anywhere I can reach. Sometimes she does and I just want to make sure she's doing her job! Then I go see where my baby sister is. Sometimes it's easy because I can hear her crying and I just follow that. My mom sure pays a lot of attention to that little girl. It's a good thing I can get her attention making noise in the kitchen and my room. I have a lot of toys and books that I play with. I really like books. I used to like to play in the toilet, but Mom yells at me and I have to sit in my crib, so I don't do that anymore (well, sometimes....).

Anyhow, there are some cool new photos below now that mom finally had time to help me. She tried to post a video of me, but she's having some trouble getting the new camera to talk to the new computer so maybe next time.


  1. Wow, when you update, you really update. I had so much fun seeing you. I think your kids are so cute. I love the one of Alice with the veggies.

  2. HAHAHA Clyde's life is so entertaining. aunt laura dont not read the next sentence after this sentence pls. Clyde keep on making me entertained!!!!!Aunt laura please post more entertaining things. good-bye