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Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Second Month

Mom and I go to the doctor's office every week to see how big I'm getting -- I'm getting huge (I was 11 pounds 2 ounces on July 13th)! It's been over a hundred degrees here in Boise and our house gets pretty hot, so I like to hang out like this:

This is the outfit I wear so mom won't call me "the baby":

This is one of my cowboy outfits; it came from Georgia:

We've been taking more baths now and I sure like it. I've gone in a couple of pools too. Daddy holds on tight so I won't drown, but I float pretty well.

Here I am with my Grandpa Rydalch:

Twenty three of my Rydalch cousins and ten of my aunts and uncles came over for a barbecue so we could meet before I had my surgery. They are really fun. All my cousins were having a water fight with my daddy, but I was too little to play (maybe next time). My Aunts Britta, Kristen and Erin held me a lot and it was fun.

This is my "Auntie" Shelley. She comes over to see me a lot and we hang out.

Here I am at two months with my bunny. See how much bigger I am!

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  1. Dear Laura and Ben, Your Clyde is darling. Aren't you thrilled with the surgery. Amazing. And all he will have is a very thin line for a scar. What a bright eyed cutey. Congratulations! Harvey & Myrna Bickett