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Saturday, July 21, 2007

My First Month

Lots of people come visit me. They all talk funny and make weird faces at me, like I can't understand anything, but I get it. My Mumsy's cousin Tommy came over with these great chairs he made for me and my cousin Elliott. Elliott is a lot bigger than me in this picture, but some day we're going to wrestle and I'm going to win!

Everyone is fascinated by my feet, especially Mumsy (that's my mom's mom Carol). They say they are pretty long, but they seem pretty normal to me.

This is me working out:

Grandma Rydalch comes to see me and we rock a lot in the chair and in the swing. She's such a kind and gentle lady -- I'm glad she's my grandma.

Sleeping is one of my favorite things. I can sleep anywhere. Here I am sleeping in my muscle shirt (I have big muscles!):

This is the day I turned one month. I don't know why my mom has to take all these pictures, but I do like the bunny... See my six shooters? Those are from Mumsy.

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